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This poem inspired by the “Night Before Christmas” was written by an unknown author.

Do take a few minutes from your busy schedule to stop and read this and think about why we are celebrating this special season.

Above all, let us remember the greatest gift of all.

Twas’ the night Jesus came and all through the house,
Not a person was praying, not one in the house.

The Bible was left on the shelf without care,
for no one thought Jesus would ever come there.

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The bible says we where born in sin and far from God, I do not recall ever reading a scripture that says ‘We are born to win’. We are not saved through training, we are saved by grace“, commented a recent visitor to this blog.

I appreciate such comments very much, because they cause me to do some more research. This is always a good way to strengthen your faith and to REALLY know what you believe.

Here are my findings:

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A question I found on a recent post on this blog Christians and the Prosperity Gospel reads as follows:

Do you not think the bible talks more about God’s will and purpose rather than ‘your purpose’? (This is a portion of the comment – in the next post I will answer the rest of this comment).

To respond to this question, the first thing we need to understand is that there is no real separation between God’s purpose and your true purpose in life. Your purpose is a part of His

You were born with the seed of destiny in your heart.

This seed of destiny is your purpose in life.

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I am sure that you have seen a movie or live passion play either on TV, outdoors or on stage. No movie or play really does justice to the actual suffering, the excruciating pain and suffering that Jesus went through at that time. (And He did it willing for you and me).

I am also sure that at least one question has crossed your mind.
If Jesus had humbled Himself to the limits of a man while on earth (which He did – see the Epistle of the Philippians 2:8), then He felt the pain of the cross in all of it’s intensity.

So then, how on earth was He able to face it and go through it?

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There is much confusion and controversy in some parts of Christendom concerning what is often referred to as the “Prosperity Gospel” and today let’s face this head on!

First of all, let me clarify one thing.

There is no such thing as a “Prosperity Gospel” – there is only ONE Gospel and that is summed up in John 3:16.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whosoever should believe in HIM will not perish but have everlasting life.

Before continuing, let us check out that word “believe”. This is not a passive verb, but an active one. The devils also believe (passively) in God but they are trembling and perishing. So passive belief is not enough.

The word “believe” found in John 3:16, carries the meaning of “to entrust to, to commit” in the original Greek language. We could sum it up saying that it means to actively commit your life to Christ and trusting Him with it.

Jesus promises abundance:

Now in the 10th Chapter of the Gospel of John, Jesus Himself made a declaration which can only be interpreted in one way.

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