Transparent Marketing 

Becoming financially free is something so many of us are seeking today. And rightly so. This really is a key to helping us find freedom in other areas of our lives also.

But have you found that the road to trying to build a business that could give you that freedom is lined with traps, even land mines.

So much that is being presented to you as “this is exactly what you need to succeed” turns out to be absolute junk.

This blog is dedicated to helping you to recognize that junk and sort out what will  really help YOU make money online the right way – the Transparent Marketing Way.

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Who Is Jill Rapley – the KiwiChamp

Hi there, this is Jill Rapley. When I first entered this internet arena back in the 90s, I was known as “Kiwi Champ” or “The Kiwi Champ”.

At the time I was creating websites to help subsidize my income on the mission field . (Google was my “University”).

After the death of my parents followed by all of my mentors within a few short years I came up to the States to “regroup”.

Life can change on a dime as I am sure you know too.

You can read a little  more about me and my background here …