About Transparent Marketing and Kiwichamp

Transparent Marketing and Kiwichamp – How Do These Come Together

My name is Jill Rapley and well I am a Kiwi (that’s what New Zealand natives are typically called). 

As I mention on the page “Who Is”  when I was growing up my Dad would often say to me “you’re the champ” when I found things for him or came up with an answer to some problem. So that stuck – and why not!

We are all created to conquer – and that makes YOU a Champ too!

Now that we have that straight let’s explore what it means to be a Champion (or “Champ” for sort)

The Life of a Champion is a Life of Conquering!

Some years back I heard a well known pastor from Argentina mention how we all had to win the first race of our lives just to be born! That means if you are here on this planet, You Were Born a Champion – (and yes me too). We were born into this world AS A RESULT OF winning our FIRST victory. 

I fully believe that you and I were created to live the abundant life (see John 10:10 in the Bible). Only champions can truly live an abundant life!

You and I were born for this purpose – to develop as champions and to have life and to have it in abundance! 

The abundant life means experiencing abundance in EVERY area of your life – INCLUDING the financial (and this blog is dedicated to conquering the financial areas of our lives).

Now does this mean that this abundance will come to you automatically? No! Remember – Champions are born to conquer! They are not born at the top, but rather they are born with the abilities to learn to climb to the top. 

Champions don’t automatically conquer – but:

  • They choose to make it their life purpose to win!
  • They choose to focus on winning.
  • They choose to live like champions.
  • They choose to train to win.

All of these choices apply to you no matter what area of life you are focused on conquering right now. 

So why Transparent Marketing?

The purpose of this blog is to help you find the right tools and develop the skills you need to start or continue your journey towards the abundant life I am sure you desire.

You will find a lot of good stuff here. I will be reviewing products that may help you. In the reviews I will show you the Good, the Bad and the Ugly – so you can decide for yourself if it is a product or tool that would help you in your business.

To Make a Good Business Decision Concerning a Any Product – Ask Yourself:

Will it support my main business focus and goals? (If yes, then it is an investment)

Will it distract me from my main focus? (If it does, then toss it aside)

Will it make me a real profit? (If it will, then it is an investment.)

Does it have at least some elements that support my business and increase my profits?  (If it does, then it is an investment – even if you have to toss much of it out).

You need the right information to make these decisions and I aim to make sure you will have it!